My Sense Experience let it be Your  Experience

I am Miranda and i love to 

make a connection between people.

that is why i love to connect and work with different teachers who are living on the island

I try to show people the world through my eyes.

there is a morning progam start with yoga qigong and healing circles.After brunch we have free time to explore the island.

after diner we start the evening program.

it is A trip to yourself where all your senses are stimulated.And a place to feel save and were you can open your heart to feel and heal yourself.

During spring,summer and autumn i will take you on a trip to the magical island of Ibiza.

You will stay one week in a typical finca surrounded by a beautiful environment.

During this week, you will become acquainted with different teachers who teach yoga, dance,
healing, hiking and qigong.

The Chef has chosen a mild detox program that stimulates your awareness of nutrition and 
thatmakes it easy to continue the healthy way of life at home.

You are free to join all classes that are accessibles to everyone.

We have organized a beautiful program that will restore your body with energy so you will
leave this experience with a satisfied feeling that is guaranted to put a smile on your face when you get home.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact us.

We will answer  all your questions.

We would love to have you join this wonderful journey with us.

Kind regards,

My Sense Experience
Miranda Hoogendijk

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